Hostel Life

Life in the school hostel is structured around the principle ‘home away from home’. The hostel fulfils very important purposes. Apart from serving as the place for rest and leisure, it also provides students with facilities for self-study. Our hostel has five independent wings with separate wings for boys and girls. These wings consist of spacious and wellventilated rooms which provide students with all necessary facilities for their comfort.


In addition to essential residential facilities, each wing has a loving and caring teacher In-charge, whose untiring efforts ensure that the students’ stay is comfortable, and all their needs are met promptly and efficiently. Students are helped to learn to adjust with fellow-students with their individualities. Apart from this, students are trained in the orderly arrangement of their personal belongings and the maintenance of proper hygiene.


Kitchen and Dining Hall

Consistent with the adage ‘a healthy mind rests in a healthy body’, care and attention is devoted to providing students at Sharada with the kind of nutrition that growing children require. It is often quite a challenge to design a menu that offers meals that are healthy and nutritious as well as delicious and appealing to the varied tastes of young children. This challenge has been overcome at Sharada, thanks to a team of dedicated kitchen staff.